Six Tips How To Surf Better

Improving your surfing ability is high on the agenda of all surfers, especially those just starting out. There are a number of factors that can influence how well you develop your skills. We have 6 tips to help you maximise your improvement.

1. Always stretch before surfing

One of the most important things before even beginning to surf is to stretch first. Having a loose body and being nice and flexible is crucial to allow a full range of balance. This will help with your movement on the board and ensure you're not stiff. Only 5-10 minutes of stretching a day is all you need.

2. Build your core strength and leg muscles

Again, this is something to do prior to the actual surfing. But funnily enough, the more you surf the more you will improve the strength in your legs and your core. So it's mutually beneficial. A strong core is paramount in maintaining balance and using the right muscles for the right movements.

Away from the beach, pilates exercises will help immensely in building a stronger core and allows you to lower your centre of gravity on a board easier. Leg weights will help build up your leg strength and also support you better while surfing.

3. Use a good surf board

If you're serious about surfing, you should make sure your equipment is good quality. Don't buy a low quality surfboard for the sake of saving a couple of hundred bucks. Buy a good board from a reputable surf store and reap the rewards. For more information on how to choose a board see our related blog post.

4. Get the surf stance perfected

Your stance is very important and doing this well is half the task in improving your surfing. Making sure your knees are bent and arms are out will be a big factor in maintaining your balance. Keeping your feet firmly planted while focusing on a stationary object in the distance is a great way to keep steady, and perfect your stance. Try this on solid ground before taking it to the waves.

5. Go surfing regularly

One of the best ways to improve at something is repetition. Practice practice practice and you will become a better surfter much faster. Even if it's just for half an hour in the morning or after school/work, the more you get out there the better you will become.

Experienced surfers have better techniques and better wave knowledge and the key to this is regular practice!

6. Join a surf school

Taking a surfing lesson will go a long way to improving your skills. If you're going to do this it is best to book a lesson when first starting off. That way, the professional teacher will be able to help you implement the best techniques right from the start.

Doing it correctly and safely in a controlled environment under the guidance of an experienced surfer will give you the education and practice to make strong improvement to your surfing skills.


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