How To Choose A Good Surfboard

Buying a new surfboard isn't a cheap investment, so you want to make sure you purchase a board that is both suitable for you and of good quality. First off, make sure you have had surf lessons before buying a board. Why? Because you want to make sure you enjoy surfing before spending money on equipment!

Surfing is a great activity but like everything, it has to be enjoyable. It may appeal to you watching the pros on tv or the locals at your beach, but make sure it's something you personally are going to have fun doing. There are dozens of reputable surf schools in every state so book in for some lessons and try it out!

So you've had some lessons and love it.

Great! Now it's time to seriously consider a surfboard. It's not simply a matter of going to the local surf shop and asking them what you should buy. This can be an option, but it comes with risks:

  • some surf shop staff will try and sell you a board that gets them the highest commission
  • others might give you advice that is 'their' belief and not a general fact that is suitable to everyone
  • the staff member might be new or not really have knowledge on surf boards and may steer you in the wrong direction

That isn't to say people working in a surf shop are stupid or have alterior motives! But it doesn't hurt to go into a place with a bit of knowledge on what you should be looking for in a surfboard. So hopefully this helps you.

surfboardBeginners should choose a surfboard with lots of volume

The volume of a surfboard is measured in litres and the more you have, the better it floats. As a beginner, this will assist you in learning techniques better, helping you get to your feet, and thus catching a wave.

Boards with lots of volume: long boards, foam boards, magic carpets

Boards with less volume: short boards, fish surfboards

Other things to consider

Buying a surfboard that is very durable is also important for a new surfer. You are likely to knock the board around a bit during those initial practice sessions and you don't want something cheap that deteriorates. Also, make sure you are equipped with roof racks on your car, unless the board you buy can actually fit in the car. Note: this isn't an issue if you live a few hundred metres from the beach!

Finally, the amount you want to surf should also influence the type of board you get. The more regularly you surf will increase the options of suitable boards:

  • Surfing only a couple of times a year: foamboard
  • Surfing maybe 3-8 times a year: foamboard, longboard
  • Surfing every month: longboard, magic carpet
  • Surfing a few times a month: longboard, magic carpet or fish surfboard
  • Surfing every week: longboard, magic carpet, fish or shortboard (if experienced)

Good luck, and happy surfing!


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